Opera Touch

Opera Touch, an irresistible attraction
for Vending's world

Korinto Prime is aimed at the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Café) market, complementing Necta’s range with its multi-drink dispenser solutions. With a sturdy stylish design that features a stainless steel delivery area able to accommodate up to 24 cm jugs, perfect illumination and a capacitive keypad, Korinto Prime easily complements any environment it is placed in. A fantastic automatic multi-drink dispenser, it enhances any small or medium sized establishment, such as hotels, bed & breakfast premises, club houses as well as refreshment areas for business and education.

User Interface

A super-automatic hot beverage dispenser with highest quality components to support heavy workloads and stainless steel delivery area.
Full HD touch screen 13.3".
Up to 4 customizable product category.
Possibility to display product information and spots during selection and preparation phases


Opera Touch offers perfect espresso based drinks thanks to the Z4000 patented coffee brewer (single or double). The quality of the dispensed products remains always excellent thanks to the self-adjusting blades of the grinder and to the presence of variable speed mixers with variable speed. Moreover, some of Opera Touch models feature Multicup, revolutionary new cup dispensing system. The system is equipped with 5 different rotating columns that allow dispensing in up to 5 cup formats (different sizes, plus materials and graphics). The turrets are compatible with compostable and more eco-sustainable products – an excellent lever to conquer the locations in which environmental issues are seen as a priority.


Simple and intuitive programming and customizing of the technical menu. Download of EVA DTS statistics through Bluetooth or IRDA (with BlueRed kit). Possibility of ethernet or wi-fi connection for RSS feed management. Fully compatible with Executive and MDB protocol. A complementary range of accessories is available to suit every client’s requirements.

Products Range