Discover the World of Magic

Magic is the ideal tool for every working environment, adaptable from the office to the bed&breakfast, from the congress center to the boutique hotel, and an unfailing presence in companies. Modern design and cutting-edge technology at the service of taste: a synthesis of the best Saeco quality.

With its technology and high quality manufacturing Saeco Professional guarantees perfect beverages every time.

Very Wide Range

The heart of Magic is a professional variable chamber unit able to hold from 8.5 to 15 g of coffee. The amount of coffee dosed can be adjusted automatically via the menu. The unit has steel conical burrs, which can also be adjusted to obtain your favourite grind setting. Magic features a new milk frothing system where the milk frother is built into the coffee dispenser. Extremely silent, it emulsifies creamy froth but can also prepare beverages with simple hot milk.

The milk circuit is equipped with a patented cleaning system that guarantees the best efficiency after each preparation.

The 7’’ colour touch screen provides an easy way for navigating through the menus and a broad range of beverages. The available options also include flat white and double cappuccino, while the beverage recipes can be fully customized to suit your personal taste. The coffee, milk and water dispensers are installed in a single unit. This makes it easier to position the cups and adjust them in height (from 75 to 160 mm), allowing different kinds of containers to be used.


Sophisticated details make Magic a desirable ‘must have’ for any high-level office.

It is a machine that, for those who love coffee as much as we do, can give you pleasant moments of well-being.

A machine that, when not working, becomes a furnishing accessory to be exhibited, which enriches, with a modern and innovative design, any working space.


  • 8.5 to 15 g variable chamber coffee unit
  • 7’’ touch screen
  • Silent built-in milk frother with patented cleaning system
  • Combined coffee, milk and water dispenser unit
  • Compatible with MDB protocol for payment systems

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